Facts about the Chamuco


The Chamuco (a Mexican word which means "devil") or Mexican Pitbull is a dog breed not recognized by any Canofile association. It originated in the center of Mexico, it was developed in this country in the 1970s, product of the accidental or intentional crosses of the American Pit Bull Terrier with the now extinct Mexican Bulldog, street dogs, American Bully, Pitbull Blue, Staffordshire Bull TerrierAmerican Staffordshire Terrier, and probably with the Boxer. Its name comes from the Mexican slang Chamuco, which means devil because of its temperament and tenacity. Also it called Mexican pitbull or miniature pitbull, but actually is Dogo of Mexican origin.


  • Ears: Uncut, high but falls tips.
  • Eyes: All colores. Rounded or oval of low position in the skull.
  • Muzzle: Medium size, rounded at the top, or square, located at the same height as its eyes. Jaws well defined. The lower jaw should be powerful and have great power to bite. Lips should be short, in some cases is accepted the fall but not preferred. Only is accepted the scissor bite. Overshot and undershot are penalized.
  • Nose: All colors are acceptable.
  • Chamuco puppy in white color.
  • Neck: Heavy, slightly arched, must begin in its shoulders and end in its skull. Of Medium size.
  • Shoulders: Strong and musculouses.
  • Body: Ribs well marked and deep in the rear. All ribs together. Forequarters in a set fairly broad of separation to allow the good development of a strong chest.
  • Tail: Short in comparison to its body size, low and tapering toward the tip. Are not allowed the cut or curled tails.
  • Feet: The front legs should be straight. A slight twist to the outside of the foot is accepted, but not desired. The bones should be large and rounded. Pastern in upright. Its should not be crooked in front.
  • Color of coat: No one specific, although the black and brown are the most common.
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