The Labrador Retriever, also known as the Labrador, is a retriever-gun dog in the Sporting group. Labs are one of the most popular breeds of dog. According to the AKC and Wikipedia, it has ranked as the #1 most popular dog breed in the United States since 1991.

Many think that the reason for their popularity is because of their overly sweet temperament; they are a common breed pick for children and are also successful therapy and guide dogs.

In general, the breed ranges in size from medium to large, with an average female sized at 21.5 to 23.5 inches and an average male sized at 22.5 to 24.5.

Coat colors

Labrador Retrievers come in three major/most popular colors: yellow, black, and chocolate. Shades in a coat may vary (e.g. multiple shades of yellow)


Sweet, friendly, easygoing, eager, helpful, intelligent, gentle, trusting, kind.

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