Facts about the Techichi

The Techichi was a small South American dog that was bred by the Toltec civilization. During the Mesoamerican period (900-1168 CE.) the Toltec culture dominated a state centered in Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico. The Toltec are regarded to be a great and prosperous civilization and were seen by the Aztecs as their cultural predecessors. The first scientific article about the Toltec was written by Daniel Garrison Brinton in 1887. His article “Were the Toltecs a Historic Nationality?” appeared in the proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.

The Techichi was bred by the Toltec for hunting purposes and for companionship. Additionally, they also believed that the Techichi possessed a number of supernatural powers such as seeing into the future. Consequently, they were often sacrificed so they could guide their deceased owner in the underworld. Furthermore, several artefacts were found which further show the resemblance and genetic connection of  Techichi and the chihuahua we know today.

According to genetic studies, approximately 70% of today's Chihuahua breed comes from the ancient Techichi. The Techichi is considered an extinct breed.


Coat colors

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